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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing the forms and other documents found on the Soterian Systems, LLC website ( and all subdomains), Purchaser agrees that it will not reproduce in any manner any forms or written materials (Confidential Information) provided by Soterian. Purchaser agrees that it will exercise reasonable precautions to prevent the disclosure to others of Confidential Information received from Soterian and will disclose confidential information only to those of its employees or agents who have a need to know it for the purposes contemplated by its purchase and that any of its employees or agents to whom such Confidential Information is disclosed are subject to an obligation to retain such information in confidence.

Any documents purchased by Purchaser through Soterian are meant for use for the single project described in the forms provided by Purchaser. Purchaser has the right to edit any purchased documents in an effort to conform with Purchaser’s single project. Such documents shall be used for no other purpose and Purchaser shall surrender, destroy and delete all forms of documents and things which it/they may have received from Soterian, including all copies thereof, except that one copy may be retained by Purchaser in a restricted file in its/their legal department to ensure compliance herewith. At the sole discretion of Soterian, if Purchaser breaches this Confidentiality agreement, Soterian will be entitled to either liquidated damages at an amount of $5,000.00 per disclosure or actual damages, including attorney fees and costs.  All sales are final.