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A PrimusGFS Food Processing Audit requires the PrimusGFS Standard Version 2.1, Modules 1 and 2/GMP & Module 3 HACCP

All Template Packages are instantly delivered via download in either Microsoft Word or Excel format (depending on the template or form).

Over 200 Documents Included:

  • *Standard Operating Procedures:
  • *ready-to-go Programs
  • *follows the required PrimusGFS code
  • *Over 90 ready to use forms for record-keeping
  • *HACCP Templates
  • *Business Continuity Drills
  • *Verification and Validation Outlines
  • *Job Description Template
  • *Internal Audit Schedules and Exercises
  • *Checklists
  • *Traceability Exercises
  • *Records Implementation Tracking and Accountability
  • *Facility Risk Assessment
  • *Soterian Systems® organizational and implementation tools
  • *Customizable for any Organization