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PCQI Workshop Testimonials

“Nancy is the true value of the class. Her experience, and specifically her passion, make the dense content accessible and easy to understand – and that’s coming from a marketer just entering the food industry.” – Joe Sharkey, Don Juan Chiles

“Nancy is amazing! She effectively explains sections with great examples in the industry that a company would actually deal with.” – Rachel Ward, Wana Brands

“Great course and even better instructor. She made a hard subject actually fun. Thanks Nancy!” – Brandon Evans, Food Maven

“A lot of information and instructor is loaded with knowledge.” – Vicky Lin, Mountain Food LLC

“Nancy is very passionate about this material and passes this along to her students. Fantastic lecturer – wish my college professors were more like Nancy! Learned and retained alot of information in this course.” – Tom Kubancik, Bobo’s Oat Bars

“Nancy was great. She remained entertaining and energetic throughout the long days!” – James Weinberg, Wana Brands

“Very clear – the instructor actually cares that you are learning the content of the course.” – Laura Millar, BSG

“It is awesome!” – Somair Riaz, Fresca Foods Inc.

“Very well conducted, very knowledgeable instructor.” – Samuel Jaouen, VKGG Inc.

“Nancy is an excellent instructor. I learned more from her in 2.5 days than I have learned in 2 other classes I’ve taken (SQF, PCQI Animal Food). She is very interesting. Has great experience in the food industry. Made it very interesting.” – Perri Mousty, Biorigin PTX USA

“Nancy is exceptionally qualified and therefore the course is very effective. She is very passionate about food safety and her class demonstrates this level of engagement.” – Todd Garston, Wana

“Best class ever. Nancy is the most knowledgeable person in the field I’ve interacted with 1 on 1.” – Shellie Bryant, Banyan Botanicals

“Strong content and instructor made content easy to understand and exciting to learn.” – Rachel Garcia, OI USA

“This course is a must to understand what you don’t know about food safety. You can’t be compliant with FSMA unless you take this course and become a PCQI.” – Patrick Reilley, Wana Brands

“This is a necessary course for anyone who strives for improved food safety in their own company and the industry as a whole. Nancy does an excellent job relaying information and relating that back to each students specific industry.” – Eric Carlson, Coda Coffee Company

“You can’t go wrong.” – Jeff Johnston, Colorado Honey Company

“Nancy was a great instructor, very knowledgeable in FSMA regulations. She kept the facts of the training interesting and gave suggestions based on questions asked.” – Jacob Painter, Young Guns Produce

“Very informative and presented in a manner that keeps your attention” – Steve Hassman, Etai’s

“Nancy brings a proven track record of success in developing food safety plans which, when combined with her quick wit and scary site photos, create an ideal learning environment for an otherwise daunting subject matter.” – Jillian Mitchell, Cappello’s

“It will give you a completely different perspective on food.” – Tyler Roth, Rice’s Honey

“Excellent course and instructor. Hands on training with many great examples from her years in the business. Took personal interest in each student and spent extra time to ensure each student understood the information before moving on.” – Andy Akins, Arbre Farms

“The instructor is phenomenal, one of the most knowledgeable people in the field that I’ve met. The course is definitely needed by ALL in the industry.” – Candi Back, Newly Weds Foods

“Great Instructor. Very relateable. Great course.” – Emily Prisco, CDPHE

“An amazing course for anyone in regulation or industry to get a good idea on the basic concepts and requirements for food manufacturing.” – Hayden Wailes, CDPHE

“If you’re looking for someone to clearly explain FSMA in a way that benefits industry and regulators, then you need to see Nancy.” – State Regulator

“Experts in this space – very helpful and provided many real world issues and solutions.” – Jeremy Schneider, Rocky Mountain Foods

“Course was very helpful, instructor was great!” – Tony Salazar, Frontiere Natural Meats, LLC

“This course was laid out very clearly, filled with great information. Nancy, the instructor, was knowledgeable and clearly passionate about food safety. She is very enthusiastic and does a great job sharing real life examples and her personal experiences which really helped me understand the practicality and importance of the course content.” – Carrie Nickel, Shamrock Foods Company

“Very good training and information coverage. Nancy is a storehouse of confident information. She makes something that could be mind-numbing active and interesting.” – David Miller, Miller’s Honey

“I would absolutely (and will) tell all my colleagues to take any and all courses Nancy has to offer. I plan to take as many as possible. Thank you!” – Shari Rusler, Coffee Holding Co., Inc.

“The course provides clarity and better understanding of the subject matter; you could not ask for a better instructor. Nancy is extremely personable and immersed in the subject matter.” – Yentyl Levet, All American Seasonings, Inc.

“Nancy is very knowledgeable. Take the class, it’s worth it.” – Scott Everett, Fresca Foods

“Nancy does a great job of breaking down the content to a manageable and easy to understand course. The real life examples really support the importance of food safety and the role of a PCQI.” – Travis Quach, Fresca Foods

“Nancy is very knowledgeable and took tricky topics and made them understandable and applicable to different types of facilities.” – Sam Carter, Bobo’s Oat Bars

“As an upper management employee, I was not really interested in attending class. Upon completion of class, I was completely wrong about my personal thoughts. Food safety must be lead from the top down. I have entirely new insights into daily tasks completed by our trained employee and I would like to find a way to train our entire workforce. Knowledge is invaluable. Nancy is clearly the best trainer in the country.” – Mike Lordemann, Rice’s Honey

“I liked that there were practical examples of what to do, what not to do, and why both need to be addressed. Taking this course is absolutely necessary to make sure that your company is compliant with FSMA and to be able to adjust and improve systems in place at your facility. All of this is because of Nancy’s ability to effectively communicate and teach people about becoming a PCQI in their facility.” – Rafeal Elliot, Revolution Foods

“The course is very interesting and a useful program for those in the food industry. Nancy is a very good instructor. She keeps you focused and is very entertaining.” – Jorge Vergara, Medifast

“It was great that Nancy covered a topic (FSMA) that is so important, explaining what could and would happen based on her experience. As the Regional Director for Huron Produce, Inc., I would recommend this class to any pack house or grower/shipper that wants to take their company food safety program to the next level!” – Nolan Smith, Huron Produce Inc.

“Instructor makes subject easy to learn, illustrates regulations with practical examples, and shares her wide industrial experience in the field, not just on FSMA but on other GFSI matters.” – Carlos Sanchez, Medifast

“Very good instructor. She was easy to pay attention to and gave lots of real life examples! She was very passionate and enthusiastic! I would say it’s a great course with a very knowledgeable instructor.”- Falicha Simmons, Medifast

“I learned a lot and have many ideas of how I can support my customers with FSMA to make any testing required simple and supportive for them. I believe I have a lot of resources to obtain information, and I can put that in film/links on my web page as well. I loved the class discussions and real-world examples/stories/pictures. I would highly recommend the course for anyone needing to comply with FSMA. It would be well worth the money to purchase templates, and/or have Nancy consult and get [you] started. I am so glad I took the class!” – Brenda Brown, Murray-Brown Laboratories

“Nancy is well traveled with a breadth of knowledge from large to small companies. Her passion for food safety is contagious – the only positive contagion we talked about. ” – Garth Bontrager, Canyon Bakehouse

“I enjoyed working with a diverse group of industry people. The discussions as well as the course were educational. Nancy is a clear and knowledgeable instructor. The course is required, so I would definitely recommend taking it. I would say Soterian Systems is a great resource, and Nancy is a clear and knowledgeable instructor.” – Mercedes Covarrubias, Kitchen Network Bottling Co.

“Very informative. Gets me pumped to return to work and implement all new info. Nancy is a great trainer with a great wealth of knowledge.” – Jordan Alcalá, Raquelitas Tortillas

“Nancy presented the PCQI course material in an easy to understand way. She engaged the class by providing her personal experiences combined with the experiences from other classmates.” – Kenny Strine, FSQA Professionals

“Practical examples tied in the concepts. As a buyer, it has provided a foundation and proper expectations to be set with suppliers. This will increase my efficiency selecting potential vendors/suppliers. The course was easy to follow and the complex material was clearly explained. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and conveyed information clearly. I’m going to try to bring Nancy into our facility.” – Jeff Graff, Canyon Bakehouse

“The knowledge of the instructor and experience helped explain the concept. It’s getting a full college course worth of material in just two and a half days.”- Ben Zionts, 1908 Brands

“Nancy is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. The class was not just an exercise in obtaining certificates.” – Alex Blanchette, Bobo’s

“A must for food companies! Very knowledgeable for food safety!” – Angel Mondragon, Colo-Pac Produce Inc.

“Loved the real-life scenarios. Perfect repetition! Great emphasis on key points. Didn’t get off topic! Best refresher course you can take! Not just new learnings. Great FSMA course! Provides clarity – finally!!!” – Becky Conces, Rhythm Superfoods

“The class was very interesting thanks to the great instructor – Nancy – very intense and informative. I have learned a lot during the three-day course. I would strongly recommend this class and teacher. She was awesome. We all have learned so much from her experience.” – Natalia Nance, Pure Ground Ingredients

“The course is insightful and should be essential for all involved in food safety/production/procurement and facility maintenance.” – Shakka Moore, Nutrient Foods

“I would highly recommend this course. Nancy is very passionate about teaching. She is very knowledgeable with food safety. Nancy shows great examples that helped me understand the importance of the material being instructed. It’s a fun and very interactive class.” – Mayra Servin, Westpack Inc.

“Excellent instruction! Very knowledgeable and does an excellent job relating to students. Excellent balance of textbook and real-world applications. The course is excellent for awareness, learning, and improving. Made material very manageable and engaging. Will be a customer for life!!” – Colin Jesien, Medifast

“I liked the passion and intensity of the instructor. I would 100% recommend it to anyone. Really well done and engaging. The content is so important, and Nancy presented it so well. She also takes the time to work through real life questions and examples. Thank you so much!” – Jenn Schmidt, Medifast

“Nancy is well-prepared, knowledgeable, educated, personable, and an incredible instructor. She presents the information, breaks it down in an easily understandable way and provides real-world examples. You will NOT regret it!” – Lindsay Cartier, High Quality Organics

“This class was very informative with challenging coursework. It is vital to understanding how FSMA will change the way food safety is implemented, monitored, and documented in your facility.” – Nick Picucci, Rocky Mountain Spice Company

“Nancy did a great job making an extensive and complicated subject easily manageable by focusing on the key points, providing real world examples, and relating the subject matter to the industries of each student in the course.” – Evan Godfrey, Fresca Foods

“Come prepared for a powerful presentation and team exercises.” – Isaac Knight, Scoular

“I would say that the material does a good job of describing what hazards are and effective means of mitigating them. She kept to class itinerary and giving real examples.” – Joe Keenan, Balchem: SensoryEffects

“If you need PCQI training, this is the class and instructor you want.” – Mike Dunn, Harvest Distribution

“Nancy is an extremely engaging and qualified instructor. Her ‘real-life’ experiences make the course interesting and very informative. The course is well worth taking.” – Matt McPhilomy, Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co.

“Nancy is extremely competent, knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about the subject matter and effectively communicating it. Five stars!!” – Chris Lehn, Yumbana

“Great information and important to growing your company but more importantly being ethical in your GMPs!” – Rene Vizcarra, Mex-co Enterprises

“The instructor is always helpful if anything is unclear or hard to understand. I love your class, Nancy! You are awesome!” – Chiaki Tanaka, Noon International LLC

“Nancy knows her stuff. She made the vast amount of knowledge to be obtained easy to learn and grasp. I’m so thankful for the help and guidance in becoming certified.” – J. Berk, Rice’s Honey

“Go and get prepared to learn from the best!” – Alex Avalos, GC Produce

“I liked the pace and involvement, or class participation requirements, that generate valuable and helpful discussion for additional learning opportunities. I would recommend any of Nancy’s courses to colleagues as a great resource; effective and necessary.” – Danielle Dutton, Rocky Mountain Spice Co.

“I liked learning about food safety and its importance in the industry; also having an instructor who has the passion to make food safety a priority. It is a course that will truly change your outlook in the food/beverage industry. It gives you a better outlook on what to look for in the food industry. As for Nancy, she has been most excellent! Always challenging and working with everyone to make sure you understand.” – Jesse Watts, Rice’s Honey

“This was a very comfortable and enjoyable class. It was easy to be involved. There were clear explanations and examples.” – Colin Rowe, Blue Prairie Brands

“I liked that Nancy gave an example for every topic and plenty of information. It’s a great course and very interesting. The instructor is great!” – Jessica Verdugo, Culinaire, Inc.

“Nancy makes the course fun and engaging! She is incredible, thorough and prepared. Her passion for teaching/consulting shows!” – Katie Coles, Motherlode Provisions

“I liked the added information of audited examples that help me improve my own safety. I highly recommend this course for supervisors, maintenance, and senior management so all understand what’s required, why, and what it takes to make it happen.” – Dan Ailes, Aloha Medicinals

“The course was very consistent, with regards to materials used. Instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging.” – Christian Peerens, Starbucks Coffee Co.

“I liked learning how to put together a food safety plan. I have never before put something of the nature together. I will feel better about aiding my QA manager for our company. Nancy is such a great teacher! Being a novice and starting my career in Food Safety, I did not feel behind during this course. I will be prepared and comfortable handling and analyzing our Food Safety plan. Thank you!” – Brittany Stearman, SK Food Group

“I liked all of the session break outs with groups due to everyone giving their perspective. When someone was wrong, we had discussions on why the answer was incorrect. This helped me learn and clarified information. The course is very helpful; the instructor is very passionate about her career of teaching and truly cares that you understand everything in the book. She goes above the line to answer your questions and set you up with helpful links. Amazing instructor :)” – Jacqueline Monrroy-Tomaroy, Aloha Medicinals

“I liked the extraordinarily knowledgeable instructor and the small class size. You will NOT find a more knowledgeable instructor who understands food safety. She explains all aspects of FSMA. She is clear and direct and extremely dedicated to food safety.” – Justin Scarberry, BI Nutraceuticals

“I like the exercises, interaction, the place, snacks, and the instructor. Nancy’s passion in Food Safety is contagious. She had wonderful experiences she shared with the group.” – Marie Robidoux, Kimmie Candy

“I really enjoyed the depth of info in the class. I have a greater understanding of all requirements and risks. The info was delivered in a way that was easy to understand.” – Sal Cataldo, Sierra Nevada Deli Provision

“There was a thorough explanation of what is expected in the plan. Nancy is a knowledgeable instructor whose experiences positively influenced the understanding of many sections of the course.” – Thalia C. Trejo, Davidson’s Organics, Inc.

“What I liked best is the instructor! I loved the real-world examples and her vast amount of knowledge. She keeps dry material interesting! Nancy demonstrates dedication to deliver training and improve food safety here and overseas.” – Brad Yeager, Steven Roberts Original Desserts

“I liked seeing pictures and hearing Nancy’s personal experiences that relate to what we do at our facility. The course is great in preparing for what is expected by FSMA. The instructor is great, very knowledgeable, and she brings a lot of personal experience to help understand better.” – Arturo Lopez, GCA Services Group

“Excellent course! At least one person needs from every food manufacturer needs to attend.” – Jim Flint, Rodelle, Inc.