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HACCP Workshop Testimonials

“Very in-depth review / introduction to the principles of HACCP. The Instructor is very knowledgeable and passionate about the material.” – Rachel Phillips, GreenChef

“It is a great course and has a great instructor.” – Shawn Sisneros, All Packaging

“Nancy is an expert and fantastic teacher. She keeps the class moving and entertaining. Her wealth of practical experience reinforces the class material.” – Kyle Huber, Fresca Foods, Inc.

“Instructor is great and very knowledgeable and class is fun.” – Ma Mica Victoria Manuel, Rocky Mountain Spice Company

“I liked how Nancy tied together FSMA, HACCP, HARPC…” – Conrad Schaefer, Fresca Foods

“Well worth it! Instructor was very knowledgeable and was enthusiastic about the material.” – Kim Pooler, Idaho Pacific Colorado Corp.

“My instructor was very clear and passionate about food safety. She was well educated on HACCP and FSMA. I will be back to take a FSMA class instructed by Nancy. I have learned a lot from this HACCP class. Thank you, Nancy!” – Toshana Gomez, Hope Foods

“Worth It. Nancy is a great instructor and I’ll definitely take more courses to further my food safety understanding and training.” – Timothy Black Tail Deer, Polidori Sausage

“Nancy will be a great instructor whether you are a microbiologist or new to food safety. She is knowledgeable and can also simply explain food safety. Everyone will learn from her courses.” – Mercedes Covarrubias, Kitchen Network Bottling, Co.

“Very knowledgeable and great at getting the entire class to engage and participate.” – Tyson Amon, Colorado Premium Foods

“This class was great. Nancy did a good job explaining the course and made it fun to learn.” – Adrian Arellano, Frontiere Natural Meats

“Great course to learn how to create and understand a HACCP plan for both USDA and FDA.” – Travis Quach, Fresca Foods, Inc.

“Great overview of the subject matter, both educational and pleasant, with lots of real-life scenarios to relate to. Nancy really cares and it shows!” – Amanda Gutierrez, Kerry

“It is worth every dollar and the instructor is all aspects of food safety. You can really see her passion in the way she teaches.” – Alex Avalos, GC Produce

“The course does what it says it does. It teaches you to write a HACCP Plan correctly. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and shares information freely.” – Ron Stemple, All Packaging

“Extremely helpful course and the instructor is really well prepared. Clear and effective information.” – Fernanda Garcia, Form Tight

“I learned a lot of food safety. Nancy is an excellent instructor and she has a lot of experience in food safety.” – Rogelio DeReza, Colo-Pac

“Well done. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Worth it.” – Scott Everett, Fresca Foods

“I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone in the industry. It’s nice to know that you care, and you put 110% into what you do.” – Lola Perez, Skyline Potato

“Subject matter was presented in a clear and logical manner. Integration of real-life examples used to reinforce the information and retention of material. Informative course – great for individuals with all levels of food safety knowledge. Nancy presented interest in the course in a fun and engaging manner. She is truly an expert on the material, and very professional.” – Alison Smith, Meritech

“I would say that the corrected action session was the best; understood it clearly; easy to understand sessions and various examples for each topic.” – Jocelyn Morales, Custom Made Meals

“Nancy made the material relatable, and it came off the page. I left with good actionable notes. I’m looking forward to the FSMA class. No, really, I’m looking forward to hearing Nancy present on FSMA.” – Garth Bontrager, Canyon Bakehouse

“What I liked the best about this course was the group work. I would say there is so much information that is needed to be successful and the instructor is well prepared” – Ivonne Estrada, Custom Made Meals

“I liked the introduction, both with Nancy and groups. She was always there to answer questions and fill missing gaps. I would highly recommend Nancy in the class.” – Elaina Paniaqua, Nutrient Foods

“What I liked best about this course was the information and the way the instructor explained it. I’d highly recommend this course and specifically this instructor.” – Ray Oropeza, The Naked Edge LLC

“This course provides expansive knowledge of HACCP requirements; also covers many aspects that might be overlooked at a functional level.” – Shakka Moore, Nutrient Foods

“The practical learning took away the guessing and made it more attainable and understandable. It was a very well-explained class. The instructor Nancy made it super easy to understand.” – Raquel Grixby, Blue Point Bakery

“Nancy’s done a tremendous job explaining the difference between food safety plans and HACCP. She has the FSPCA training to back up her explanations, which was very good. Excellent training course for me and my team. The breakout sessions were a blast to practice learning, but it also provided team building my team needs.” – Keith Downing Steven Roberts Original Desserts

“I liked everything about the course; the book, instructor, and class involvement. The instructor was easy to listen to, very knowledgeable, experienced, and down to earth, very relatable. Thank you!” – Tracy Padilla, Third Party Validation and Verification

“HACCP is a lot of information, especially for those taking this course for the first time. However, Nancy is very knowledgeable, and changing it up with breakout groups helps. I would highly recommend, as it is helpful to have such a knowledgeable instructor who makes it fun, but firm!” – Brittani Datu, Nutrient Foods