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FSVP Workshop Testimonials

“Nancy is a great presenter, spicing the dialogue with stories. I love lively discussion. The class was friendly, warm, engaging, and passionate. Food safety is made to be a core value, based on critical thinking. Each course has improved my knowledge, and more importantly, my thought process.” – Garth Bontrager, Canyon Bakehouse.

“I took a FSVP course previously with a different organization/instructor. The standard curriculum was the same, but this class was outstanding. I learned so much more and I feel comfortable with the material.” – Luis Castillo, Golden Hill Ingredients, LLC

“This course made subject matter clear, and instructors made application to business clear to see. I appreciate the extensive background that Nancy and Michelle bring to the table. Between the two, they have a real-world example of the material they are teaching in almost every circumstance.” – Mike Conner, Mountain Man Nut and Fruit Company.

“Nancy has a deep knowledge of the food industry from both practical experience with multiple companies as well as from a regulatory perspective. She is very engaging and knowledgeable and bring fun and humor to the class. Highly recommend her.” – Daniel Munroe, Lantmannen Unibake USA

“Provided a solid foundation to understanding FSVP requirements in a short amount of time. Offers clarity around FSVP expectations and requirements. Both are knowledgeable and amply qualified to be providing instruction.” – Michele Sondheimer, Organic India, USA.

“This course is excellent! The course work is useful and educational. The instructor is well informed and helpful with all questions. I feel more prepared for my FSVP Plan prep. Thank you!” – Aimee Agosto, Ready Foods

“I’ve stated this before, Nancy, you’re a gifted presenter with real world knowledge. Your passion and beliefs come through clear with the ability to comprehend. For the past 20 years of professional seminars, you rank in my top 10 presenters. The class has allowed us to have a foundation to build upon.” – Jeff Graff, Canyon Bake House

“This class is a great eye-opener of risks and liability of those risks. Nancy is extremely competent and knowledgeable about global suppliers.” – Jolene Cram, Montana State University, MEP National Network

“It’s a great course and I would highly recommend.” – Lauren Remick, Healthy Food Ingredients

“Actual real-life examples of on-site audits. If you are importing products, the information covered in this class is a must to understand your role in the food safety chain.” – Jean Gleason, Smith and Trustow.

“Nancy’s experience working in overseas food facilities bring a very powerful insight to the course.   Nancy has a lot of knowledge not only in food safety, but years of hands-on experience in the industry which enriches and makes the course really valuable.” – Jose Castillo, Noon International, LLC

“Excellent course design.  Good class and discussion with abundant case studies. Nancy is experienced and professional in the food safety area and she makes this course interesting.  This course is definitely useful for FSVP Importers.  Thank you Nancy!” – Yinan Deng, Navajo Incorporated

“Nancy answered our questions very well.  It was helpful to understand and Nancy used examples which were a great addition to the course.” – Chiaki Tanaka, Noon International, LLC

“Nancy does an excellent job explaining the subject.  She is an excellent teacher who is passionate about the topic.” – Bill Gimmestad, Natures Variety

“The course was very helpful in jumpstarting my ability to start the process to making our plant FSVP compliant.” – Keri Davis, Hope Foods, LLC

“Very worthwhile if you are to be involved as a Supplier or Importer of FSVP Programs.” – Ray Dilschneider, Rady, Inc.

“Very good instructor. She was easy to pay attention to and gave lots of real life examples! She was very passionate and enthusiastic! I would say it’s a great course with a very knowledgeable instructor.”- Falicha Simmons, Medifast

“Nancy is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. The class was not just an exercise in obtaining certificates.” – Alex Blanchette, Bobo’s

“Excellent instruction! Very knowledgeable and does an excellent job relating to students. Excellent balance of textbook and real-world applications. The course is excellent for awareness, learning, and improving. Made material very manageable and engaging. Will be a customer for life!!” – Colin Jesien, Medifast

“Nancy is well-prepared, knowledgeable, educated, personable, and an incredible instructor. She presents the information, breaks it down in an easily understandable way and provides real-world examples. You will NOT regret it!” – Lindsay Cartier, High Quality Organics

“I liked the pace and involvement, or class participation requirements, that generate valuable and helpful discussion for additional learning opportunities. I would recommend any of Nancy’s courses to colleagues as a great resource; effective and necessary.” – Danielle Dutton, Rocky Mountain Spice Co.

“This was a very comfortable and enjoyable class. It was easy to be involved. There were clear explanations and examples.” – Colin Rowe, Blue Prairie Brands

“I liked that Nancy gave an example for every topic and plenty of information. It’s a great course and very interesting. The instructor is great!” – Jessica Verdugo, Culinaire, Inc.

“Nancy makes the course fun and engaging! She is incredible, thorough and prepared. Her passion for teaching/consulting shows!” – Katie Coles, Motherlode Provisions

“The course was very consistent, with regards to materials used. Instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging.” – Christian Peerens, Starbucks Coffee Co.

“What I liked best is the instructor! I loved the real-world examples and her vast amount of knowledge. She keeps dry material interesting! Nancy demonstrates dedication to deliver training and improve food safety here and overseas.” – Brad Yeager, Steven Roberts Original Desserts

“I would highly recommend this course to brokers and distributors.” – Myra Diaz, Steven Roberts Original Desserts

“Very useful. The instructor is very professional and conveys the info. clearly.” – Stella Kim, Green Dining Table

“Love the course but only because the instructor made it easy to understand and fun!” – Stacy Elliott, The Impex Group

“Nancy has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She relates real-life food safety scenarios to the training.” – Craig Rykaczewski, Armada